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Eight Week Tournament
The tournament consists of seven, week-long qualifying tournaments, and one finals week. Each weekly tournament will have 15 classes of competition (five vehicles, each with three unique modification levels). Players compete against other players racing in the same vehicle and modification level. You can choose to compete in one, or all 15 classes each week.

At the end of each week, the top three racers in each class are invited to participate in an invitation-only final tournament. The first-place winner in each class (for the week) also receives a Mopar Logo Jacket.

If you donít receive an invitation for the final tournament, donít worry, you can still be invited to the final tournament as a wild card. After all seven qualifying tournaments have been run, the top three racers in each class (across all seven weeks) who have not received an invitation, will be invited to participate.

The Cars and Race Classes

This game offers an impressive line of Dodge quater-mile monsters. You will have your choice of a 1970 Challenger RT, 2004 Neon SRT-4, 1969 Charger RT, 2004 Ram SRT-10, and a 2004 Viper SRT-10.

Once you select a vehicle, youíll have to select a race class. There are 15 different race classes, and five driverís cup categories. Each car has three trim levels to choose from, street, street/strip, and strip. All race times are compared within each class only. The Driverís Cup category is the combination of all three trim levels for a particular car.

Street: This vehicle is lightly modified, but still street legal. Typical modifications include larger wheels and tires, less restrictive exhaust, new air intake, and more efficient exhaust headers. Modifications make the car faster, while keeping it tame enough for daily driving.

Street/Strip: This vehicle is designed for the weekend warrior who might still drive his or her car to the track. Typical modifications include those for the street vehicles, plus upgraded engine management, new cams, beefier tires, and more. In addition, some effort may be put into saving weight by removing unnecessary parts (for racing) like the radio and air conditioner.

Strip: This vehicle is designed purely for the strip. The interior is typically gutted to save weight, and a full roll cage has been installed for safety. Superchargers are upgraded, blocks are bored and stroked. In short, everything possible is done to make the car go faster.

Driverís Cup: An overall ďDriver's CupĒ winner will be chosen by selecting the player with the lowest average elapsed time/reaction time within each vehicle class. So, players are encouraged to try out all modification levels for each Dodge vehicle, to see what car runs best for them!

The Prizes
Weekly Class Winners
At the end of each week the top racer in each class will receive a Mopar Branded Jacket.
Tournament Class Winners
The top racers in each class at the end of the tournament will win an Apple iPod mini with $50 worth of music from i-tunes!
Driver's Cup Winners
The Driver's Cup Winner is determined at the end of the seven-week qualifying period by selecting the racer with the best race set (average of three runs) across all three modification levels for the given vehicle. Each Driver's Cup Winner (there will be five, one for each vehicle) will receive a Pioneer DEH-P8MP head unit.

The Competition
Players compete against other players racing the same vehicle and modification level. After selecting a Dodge vehicle to race, players will run three ďheads upĒ races (with the selected vehicle) against a computer opponent. Upon successful completion of the three races, the run times will be averaged, and a ranking will be displayed that indicates the player's overall standing in the qualifying tournament for the selected class.

Players have the option to run another set of three races using the same vehicle to try to improve his or her standing within that vehicle class, or select a new vehicle and/or modification level for the next set of races. Players may make as many runs as desired. Only the best average set of three runs is retained. Donít worry, itís not possible to move down in the rankings if subsequent runs are slower.

At the end of the qualifying tournament, the fastest three racers for each vehicle/modification level will be selected as participants in the final tournament.

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